About our Team

Thank you for your interest in our team. At the beginning of 2020 we settled in Almere from where we are working on our projects both nationally and internationally.

Our Team

We work with a creative team consisting of very different people. The diversity of backgrounds contributes strongly to the development and execution of our projects. In addition to this permanent team, we have a flexible layer of creative people who complement us on a regular basis. This enables us to respond to the rapidly changing world.

Ricardo Roest

Management Assistent


As a graduate student (media) management at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Ricardo fulfills the role of management assistant. He is the contact person of our company when it comes to planning, coordination and bookings.

Max Govers

Assistant and writer


Max studies journalism, writes articles about what we do and what keeps us busy. He edits the texts written by others in our team, assists in our projects and is often a model himself.

A versatile creative jack-of-all-trades.

Jaap Reerink

Production and scouting


Jaap often thinks out of the box, is critical on details and keeps us on point. He takes care of the necessary preparations and participates in the production and execution of the photography projects. Furthermore, he scouts our new models.

Lianne Sluis



Our financial memory is taken care of by Lianne. She settles the costs of our projects, ensures that taxes and wages are paid and sends the invoices. For questions about money you can always send her an email.

Arjan Spannenburg

Arjan Spannenburg

Photographer (CEO)


From 2013 to 2018 Arjan invested in his photographic development by studying at the Photography Academy in Amsterdam. There he has developed himself into a conceptual photographer with a broad technical knowledge and his own vision.

About Arjan Spannenburg

The photography of Arjan Spannenburg (Texel, 1978) is centered around the search for identity and self-expression. In powerful compositions, mostly in black-and-white, Spannenburg portrays young people on the threshold of adulthood.

We see adolescents at an uncertain time in their lives, searching for their own individuality. This results in fragile, loving portraits of people lost in their own thoughts. At the same time, the people portrayed seem to have a strong need to communicate with the outside world, in search of support, understanding, and love.

Sometimes this search results in raw images, but these are never intended to shock or provoke. Rather, these photographs invite the viewer to reflect on the relationship between vulnerability and self-expression. Although Spannenburg takes his own coming of age as an autobiographical starting point, his work transcends both his own personal story and that of the people he portrays. The photographs represent universal feelings of loneliness, vulnerability, and insecurity, while capturing the poetic beauty of adolescence.