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Arjan Spannenburg

Artist Arjan Spannenburg

The photography of Arjan Spannenburg (Texel, 1978) is centered around the search for identity and self-expression. In powerful compositions, mostly in black-and-white, Spannenburg portrays people on the threshold of adulthood.

We see adolescents at an uncertain time in their lives, searching for their own individuality. This results in fragile, loving portraits of people lost in their own thoughts. At the same time, the people portrayed seem to have a strong need to communicate with the outside world, in search of support, understanding, and love.

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Pride Through the Lens | art’otel

art'otel proudly announces “Pride Through the Lens”: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Identity and Love in a vibrant traveling photo exhibition that will celebrate the diverse and powerful identities within the LGBTQ+ community at all art'otel destinations across Europe this summer. From London to Amsterdam, Berlin to Zagreb, don't miss the exhibitions from June to August. "Pride Through the Lens" offers a powerful and intimate glimpse into the lives and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community through the eyes of talented photographers.

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Unique Collaboration with MR. Riegillio: A Joyful Expression of Pride

In 2023, I had the privilege of being part of several special projects and collaborations, but 1 project stood out head and shoulders above the rest: the collaboration with iconic fetish fashion brand, MR. Riegillio. This remarkable project was aimed at celebrating Pride and eventually resulted in impressive prints that could be seen in various places during Pride in Amsterdam.

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Photography and the Army come together in Suriname

As a versatile artist and photographer, I had the privilege of travelling to Suriname three times in 2023, thanks to my work at the Dutch Defence Health Care Organisation. These unique experiences in a country rich in culture and nature, not only enriched me professionally, but also broadened my artistic horizons.

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PAN Amsterdam 2023

I'll be there again this year! My work will again be on display during PAN Amsterdam, to be found in the stand of Zerp Galerie from Rotterdam. Hopefully I'll meet you there and be able to tell you more about my art in person!

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