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Pride Through the Lens: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Identity and Love

art'otel proudly announces “Pride Through the Lens”: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Identity and Love in a vibrant traveling photo exhibition that will celebrate the diverse and powerful identities within the LGBTQ+ community at all art'otel destinations across Europe this summer. From London to Amsterdam, Berlin to Zagreb, don't miss the exhibitions from June to August. "Pride Through the Lens" offers a powerful and intimate glimpse into the lives and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community through the eyes of talented photographers.


The exhibition features breathtaking photography from renowned artists such as Joel Rodriguez, Arjan Spannenburg, Ernst Coppejans, Grace Pickering, and Aimee McGhee. Each photographer brings a unique perspective, capturing the essence of queer life through their lenses. Every image tells a story of identity, resilience, love, and joy, inviting viewers to celebrate and reflect on the rich diversity of queer people.


Pride Through the Lens: A Collaboration with art’otel

As part of Pride Month, the exhibition will open on June 21 at the newly opened art'otel London Hoxton and then travel to our art’otels in London Battersea, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, and Zagreb. Various artists will exhibit in different cities, with a group exhibition, the largest of the series, opening on July 23 at art’otel Amsterdam. From June to August, alongside this vibrant and thought-provoking exhibition, art’otel will host diverse events such as artist talks and other activities at all destinations, culminating in a showcase of photographic works that highlight Pride through the unique perspectives of queer photographers.


By hosting "Pride Through the Lens," art'otel not only underscores its commitment to inclusivity and diversity but also enhances its reputation as a forward-thinking, culturally engaged brand. Together, we honor the past, celebrate the present, and inspire a future of inclusivity and love. This exhibition provides a platform for high-quality art that deeply resonates with themes of love, identity, and resistance, attracting visitors from around the world and creating meaningful connections between their international locations.


Pride Through the Lens: Promoting Inclusion through Art

With exhibitions in multiple cities, "Pride Through the Lens: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Identity and Love" fosters a global dialogue on LGBTQ+ issues, identity, and culture. By showcasing these works internationally, art'otel encourages intercultural understanding and appreciation, reinforcing the idea that art can be a powerful vehicle for change and connection.


Arjan Spannenburg

Arjan Spannenburg's black-and-white compositions focus on the search for identity and self-expression, capturing young people on the brink of adulthood. His portraits, tender and introspective, reveal the vulnerability and strength of his subjects, inviting viewers to reflect on their own journeys of self-discovery.


Exploration of Identity by Arjan Spannenburg

Focused on the search for identity and self-expression, Arjan Spannenburg invites viewers to contemplate their own journey of self-discovery through his introspective work. His exhibition at "Pride Through the Lens" is dedicated to capturing a raw yet tender glimpse into the lives of LGBTQ+ adolescents during a pivotal and uncertain time. Through his lens, we witness individuals whose quiet plea for support, understanding, and love deeply resonates with viewers, prompting them to consider the balance between vulnerability and self-expression, especially in the context of exploring and affirming their sexual and gender identities. This exhibition will be showcased at art'otels in London, Amsterdam, & Berlin.