In an abandoned gallery, where the echoes of forgotten conversations still linger against the walls, lies Arjan Spannenburg's "COMPELLED" series. Seven rugs, each 140x90 cm, are spread across the floor. They show black-and-white images of young people, chained up, their faces expressive and intense. The images seem to move and yet they are sharp, as if they could break out of their textile prison at any moment.

This series speaks volumes about the 'unlucky generation', young adults shackled by the societal expectations and decisions of others. They carry the burden of huge study debts and face the harsh reality of an unattainable housing market after college. These tapestries are more than art; they are a silent cry of a generation that feels overwhelmed and unheard.

Visitors to the gallery react differently. Some walk carelessly across the carpets, unaware of the deeper meaning they are trampling under their feet.Others move carefully around the edges, as if afraid of disturbing the souls portrayed.And then there are those who purposefully step on the artworks, perhaps to make a point, or perhaps because they simply don't understand.

The "COMPELLED" series is a mirror for society.It shows us our tendency to walk all over each other, often without even realising it.It is a powerful reminder that every path we walk, no matter how insignificant it may seem, has an impact on those around us.

Important notice :

COMPELLED is presented on the floor and can actually be stepped on.

The series is printed on a carpet of 140x90 cm