Collect an artwork

By buying a work of art, you do more than just fill an empty space on a wall. You get a story, a memory or an emotion that is expressed in a work of art.

Moreover, with your purchase you invest in our Dutch cultural sector, which is currently being hit disproportionately hard financially. So with your purchase, you also help us move forward. 

Arjan Spannenburg's contemporary artworks are for sale via ZERP Gallery in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. See for available artworks, specifications and prices.


The artworks are only available in exclusive editions. To ensure that the editions remain controlled, the artworks are delivered via Zerp Gallery in Rotterdam. Together, we will ensure that your order is handled and delivered in a personal manner.

ZERP Galery

ZERP gallery, located in the centre of Rotterdam, presents itself as a platform for new art. The gallery represents artists using a variety of media: from painting and photography to installations and sculptures. Dynamic group exhibitions and focus presentations highlight high-profile new works every month.

The gallery is built around our main artists, artists who are (inter)nationally known and a step ahead in their careers. ZERP Gallery also represents emerging artists. The aim is to support these emerging artists at an early stage of their development. With high-quality presentations, surprising events and a current offer, we strive to bring our artists to the attention of a large audience.