Exhibition Cultuurdome Almere

Mik Augusteijn gathered a number of Almere artists for the first exhibition of 2023 at the Cultuurdome in Almere. With his selection of artists, Mik wants to strengthen Almere's culture and enhance the artists' creative energy.


The Cultuurdome is the former Woondome in the heart of Almere Buiten that now houses a temporary breeding ground for culture and creativity. The building has been made available by Domus Vastgoedontwikkeling where, together with initiators Roché Apinsa, Kasper Jongejan and Richard Terborg, they are developing the space for dance and education, fashion and street art, visual arts and, of course, photography, among others.

Exhibition Cultuurdome Almere

Dates : Saturday 14 January is the opening


After that, the exhibition will be open to the public every Saturday and Sunday for 6 weeks.


Sunday 19 February is the last day for public viewing.


Opening hours : 12:00 - 17:00

Address : Middachtenlaan 21, Almere