The project Touch Me 2 is about the search of boys for their identity and sexuality. It investigates the question "what is it like to touch another unknown boy for the first time".

If you discover that you are attracted to other boys, you can at the same time discover that society is still quite negative about homosexuality. As a result, many boys stay in the closet longer than necessary while they secretly travel to discover their sexuality.
This results in boys often searching online for like-minded people, after which they meet each other in secret. Such appointments are accompanied by a whole range of rapidly changing emotions. Usually this can be described as a cocktail of tension and fear of the unknown and potentially dangerous situations, interspersed with the sexual excitement of lust.

As with online dating, these guys don't know each other when they come into my studio. They get to know each other briefly in the studio before touching each other for the first time. This results in a series of sincere and intimate images between boys who are on their way to discover themselves and each other.