Reciprocation is the mutual obligation within a relationship to answer a gift with a counter-gift. If the relationship is equal, reciprocity is involved, while unequal reciprocation is redistribution.



During the summer of 2019, I came up with the idea of creating a piece of art with dancers combined with fetish. I wanted a clearly dominant person to be carried by a submissive one.


Although the needs of both types of persons are completely different, they need each other to exist. After all, without one, the other does not exist. Although it may sound strange to many people, this is the bases of a balance. They are ultimately completely dependent on each other to meet their own individual basic needs.


Where one person would like to be in full control, the other would like to hand over his total control. Both build on each other's qualities and needs and grow towards each other one step at a time.


Without their mutual understanding, respect and consent, there is no balance. In that case we could even talk about violence being done to someone.


In December 2019 I had the opportunity to create this artwork with a dancer and his boyfriend. This resulted in a strong image where two people are in total balance, both giving and taking equally what they needed from each other.