The making of - SAINT SEBASTIAN

Rain, foggy, cold and summer 13 July 2021.


Although I had expected to have nice weather for a photo shoot on this day, it turned out to be a bit disappointing. The morning started out foggy and drizzly and after I picked up Ricardo (assistant) and Max (model) the weather had not improved much. However, this should never spoil the mood, because in the end it is all about the concept. The concept is always filled with influences from outside, the trick is just to make sure that they strengthen the image. 


In the image I wanted to make, vulnerability is an important element, partly because it is something we all experience to a greater or lesser degree. Max would also feel vulnerable this morning. Though I suppose anyone would feel that way if you were standing almost naked, tied to a tree in a remote spot.


Once in place and while Ricardo had adjusted the lights, we could get to work. After the first series of photos, Max became a little uneasy. Behind him he heard the voices of a group of children. Not much later, one by one scouts came out of the woods. Max could not do much more than laugh at the situation and surrender to it. Luckily, the scouts were mainly busy with their own scavenger hunt and hardly noticed our presence.



Every project I work on has its own reason, anecdotes and especially funny stories during the making. But the pleasure of working together on a beautiful image is the most important thing. That gives a part of energy to the work of art, which contributes to others gaining strength from it later on.


The final result, SAINT SEBASTIAN, will be on display at PAN Amsterdam from 14 to 21 November at Zerp Galerie (stand 130).