Models wanted : LOVE RESTRAINT


Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet. An age-old novel between two people who loved each other. It resulted in a sad end, because the world did not allow their love. Even today we see that society holds back love between people for various reasons. Sometimes this is based on; origin, religion, age difference, gender identity and even someone's sexuality.


With LOVE RESTRAINT we want to make this inhibited love between people visible.



Once the series is complete we will; set up an online exhibition, raise funds and try to create a physical exhibition.



For this project we are looking for everyone! Girls, older women, boys, older men, people with or without gender. We will be shooting by couples. At least two couples will be present during a shoot, but the preference is 3.

The couple that will try to kiss each other will be stopped during the shoot, as you can see in the photo and in the timelapse. So as a model, you have to endure some discomfort, but it does make for a spectacular image.

With three couples we spend about 2 to 3 hours to make one good image of each couple.



First of all you get a nice day with a shoot you will not easily forget. Furthermore you get some images of the making of the photo (as above) and you get the digital version of the selected image. 



Because of COVID we will check the participants in the shoot through the Corona Check App. In the unlikely event that you have any complaints, we request that you cancel in order to avoid spreading the virus.



For this project there are a few things that are important in your preparation. Of course we will contact you in advance to discuss a few things. But the most important we have written down below for you;

- Well groomed hands / fingernails (no nail polish)

- Willing to be photographed shirtless or with bare shoulders.

- Willing to be touched/ held by others.

Additionally, you can find more information on this page to properly prepare yourself for a photo shoot.



Would you like to participate? Send us an email with who you are and why you should participate. Also include your Instagram/ Facebook so we can see photos of you. If you don't have this social media, you can attach multiple photos of yourself.