Milkshake 2022 | LGBT+ love and friendship

After 2 years of COVID, I really wanted to photograph at Milkshake again this summer. For me, Milkshake is THE event where I myself got an insight into the diversity of the LGBT+ community. Here I learned how many different forms of friendship and love are possible. But also that sometimes you have to look further, or ask, how friendship or love works for someone.


Friendship to me is a special bond between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than you have with an "acquaintance" such as your neighbor, a co-worker or the local baker. Within the LGBT+ community, these friendships are even more important. On the one hand, for the strength to be able to be who you are. On the other hand, because your friends know you, understand you or at least have an understanding for who you are.


Saturday, July 30 was the day. With my team we arrive at the Westerpark in Amsterdam. The police is visibly present (with Pink in Blue) for our safety. When we walk past the security on the grounds, we step into a world where we don't have to worry about who we are. After all, at Milkshake it doesn't matter who you are, because Milkshake is for everyone who loves!


"boys who love girls who love boys who love boys"
- Milkshake -


Today there are still many places where we cannot be ourselves. During the different Prides in the Netherlands, hate incidents still happen every year. Even there we can't be 100% ourselves and we have to be careful .


Still I think that we as an LHBT+ community should stay visible and claim our position together. That is why I want to show the beauty and diversity of our community, built on love and friendship.