Introducing BEYOND BOUNDARIES - a groundbreaking photography project that celebrates the diversity of gay fetish and explores the many facets of this often misunderstood and marginalized community.


Led by acclaimed photographer Arjan Spannenburg, this project features a stunning collection of more than 70 photographs that showcase the unique beauty and individuality of fetish enthusiasts from all walks of life. From leather and latex to bondage and many more, BEYOND BOUNDARIES captures the raw, unapologetic essence of this dynamic and multifaceted world. Among the portraits we also see several very well-known international faces from the gay fetish community.


We need your help!


Support our project and help us to make our gay fetish culture visible to the world! 



Supporting this project is easy because it is more than just a series of striking images. BEYOND BOUNDARIES is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, showcasing a wide range of individuals who are proudly and confidently living their lives on their own terms. In return we will post your logo and a link to your website next to the online project on our website.


Supporting this project is easy and can be done by:

  1. sharing the project on your social media, raising awareness of its existence.

  2. writing an article about BEYOND BOUNDARIES on your website/ magazine (we can help you with this).

  3. working together to create a live art exhibition.

  4. proposing another idea to cooperate with us. 


So whether your followers are seasoned fetish veterans or simply curious about exploring this fascinating world, BEYOND BOUNDARIES is a must-see experience that will challenge their preconceptions and open their eyes to the incredible beauty and complexity of human sexuality and diversity. By supporting BEYOND BOUNDARIES, your organisation can show it supports the inclusive and diverse gay fetish culture.


So if you're ready to show the diversity and beauty of fetish in a whole new light, support BEYOND BOUNDARIES today. With its stunning photography and celebration of inclusivity, this project is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who get experience it.



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