KunstRai 2023 - Art Amsterdam : A Wide Range of Art

The KunstRai - Art Amsterdam is an annual event that exhibits a wide range of artworks of different styles, media and eras. It offers art lovers and collectors the chance to discover new works and be inspired by the creativity and expressiveness of the participating artists.


This year, ZERP Gallery, which focuses on contemporary art, is once again participating in the KunstRai. In addition to ZERP Gallery, there are of course many other participating galleries and artists exhibiting their works.


One of the artists going along is Arjan Spannenburg, whose work explores the themes of individual freedom, self-reflection and love. His artworks emphasize the importance of guarding who you are and being proud of it, while at the same time addressing the loss of connection and loneliness in our modern society.

By Arjan Spannenburg, you can see at least some of the sculptures from the now much-discussed series ESTRANGED. But there are many other artists exhibiting their works at ZERP Galerie, including Saskia Boelsums, Hans Withoos, Anna Lange, Kim De Molenaer, Jeroen Allart, Luc Dondeyne and Sarah van der Pols. Each of these artists has their own style and vision, so the KunstRai promises to be a diverse and engaging experience for all visitors anyway.


In short, the KunstRai - Art Amsterdam is a must-see event for anyone who loves art and wants to be inspired by the creativity and expressiveness of contemporary artists and their works.


Are you also coming to the KunstRai - Art Amsterdam? Below you will find the practical information for your visit, such as times and location.


OPENING HOURS KunstRai - Art Amsterdam


WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 16:00 - 21:00 H (PRIVATE)
THURSDAY, MAY 4 11:00 - 18:00 HOD.
FRIDAY 5 MAY 12:00 - 21:00 HOD.
SATURDAY, MAY 6 11:00 - 18:00 HOD.
SUNDAY, MAY 7 11:00 - 18:00 HOD.


ADDRESS KunstRai - Art Amsterdam

Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam

History of KunstRai - Art Amsterdam

The KunstRAI, founded in 1984, is the oldest fair of its kind in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in Europe. In 2006 the event was temporarily renamed Art Amsterdam, but since 2012 it has been held again under its original name. It offers a wide range of mostly domestic galleries, featuring both established and emerging artists and designers. In addition, there are special exhibitions and various programs for collectors, such as the annual "Art Dinner" on Saturday evening for collectors, artists and gallery owners, which has been held since 2014.


The 35th edition of the fair took place from April 17-22, 2019, with as many as eighty participating galleries. Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, the 2020 edition had to be canceled, having first been postponed to December 2020.


Fun fact is that since 2016, a special square has been dedicated to a different city or region every year, such as Berlin in 2016, Antwerp in 2017, Barcelona in 2018 and the "Focus Catalunya" program in 2019 celebrating KunstRAI's 35th anniversary. This year, the square is dedicated to Morocco.


Finally, KunstRAI closely involves young people in shaping the program and is one of the few modern fairs to do so. We are therefore very enthusiastic that the work of Arjan Spannenburg will be there again this year.