Exposition "Il Potere" in Turin: An in-depth exploration of Power

The city of Turin, located in beautiful Italy, will witness an exciting art event named Il Potere  (The Power) which takes place during the Art Week in Turin during the first week of November. The exhibition Il Potere is organized by Alina Art Foundation in the format of an art tour that starts as a special guest of Paratissima. 


The Art Week in Turin is an annual cultural extravaganza that transforms the Italian city into a vibrant hub of contemporary art, showcasing a diverse array of exhibitions, installations, and events, attracting art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world to explore its rich cultural tapestry.

Paratissima is an annual contemporary art event held in Italy, specifically in the city of Turin. It serves as a dynamic platform for emerging and independent artists to showcase their innovative and experimental works across various creative disciplines, including visual arts, design, photography, and more. Paratissima is known for its inclusive and non-traditional approach to art exhibitions, often taking place in unconventional spaces, fostering a vibrant and accessible art scene that encourages dialogue and interaction between artists and the public, making it a significant cultural event in Italy's artistic landscape. Check their programme here.




Il Potere offers an in-depth exploration of the concept of power, presented by seven visionary artists from the Netherlands and Italy. Through their conceptual art, video art and installations, the participating artists will invite the audience to reflect on the various facets of power. With that, this exhibition promises to be an extraordinary experience.


The exhibition explores power in all its forms: the power of the mind and the inner dynamics that arise from it, social power in its structural manifestations, the power of nature, the power of time, the power of memory, the power of the universe and the power of art itself. The artists explore concepts such as resilience, self-determination or consciousness and invite us to explore our potential for change and reflect on the possibilities of a future where power is distributed fairly.



In these times, when the world faces numerous challenges and changes, the role of art is more crucial than ever. Artists like Arjan Spannenburg, with his focus on identity and self-expression in his powerful black-and-white photographs of adolescents, offer us a unique lens through which to look at the world. His photographs evoke feelings of loneliness and vulnerability, but also emphasize the poetic beauty of adolescence.


The exhibition "Il Potere" promises to be a fascinating journey, where art has the power to connect us to the complexity of power and invite us to reflect on the world around us. Let's embrace this power together, because as Sanda Sudor aptly puts it, "Ora più che mai, sosteniamola per assolvere alla sua insostituibile funzione di rendere questo mondo un luogo migliore per tutti" - "Now more than ever, let's support art to fulfill its irreplaceable role of making this world a better place for everyone."


Date : October 31 - November 5 2023

Location : Turin, Italy

Paratissima is opened for visitors every day from 10 o’clock till 20 o’clock)


Participating artists


Caterina Crepax, with her background in architecture and her dedication to preserving the artistic legacy of her father, Guido Crepax, brings a unique combination of creativity and heritage. Her work as a teacher and collaborations with renowned designers have led to remarkable exhibitions and events.


Alice Padovani, with her background in philosophy and fine art, combines drawings, installations and performances to blur the boundaries between nature and personal memory. Her artwork finds its place in important collections around the world.


Valentin Bakardjiev, with his international background and dedication to uniting cultures and highlighting the relationship between humans, nature and art, presents a unique perspective on sustainability and multidisciplinary art.


EPVS, Elena Panarella Vimercati Sanseverino, born in Germany and based in Rome, brings together a diverse range of art forms to explore the interactions and contrasts between people, nature and space. Her work can be seen in numerous collections, both public and private.


Sanda Sudor, with more than 40 years of dedication to art and supporting other artists, founded the Alina Art Foundation to merge art with justice and beauty. Her mission is to help others and make art a tool for positive change.


Enrico Valeruz, whose work goes beyond words, has his own unique contribution to this exhibition, with his ability to communicate deep emotions through art.