SANCTIONED: A Journey into Love, Resilience, and Acceptance

Dear Visitor,

Before you, you'll find a powerful black and white photograph printed on sturdy fabric, hanged in a frame. This artwork captures the struggle of two gay fathers who are being pulled apart by hands, symbolizing the government that takes away their human rights, desperately trying to stay together. In the center, their two children stand, seemingly unaware of the turmoil surrounding them, gazing directly at you.


As a visitor, you are presented with three choices, each representing a different stance on LGBTI+ rights:

  1. If you are against LGBTI+ rights, you may make a single cut with the scissors on the fabric.

  2. If you support LGBTI+ rights, you are allowed to use a piece of tape to reinforce the artwork from the back.

  3. Alternatively, you can choose to do nothing. With this you become part of a big group of people who observe how the artwork, like the LGBT+ rights get damaged easier and easier until they are entirely stripped from their human rights.


This interactive experience mirrors the power individuals hold in their daily lives to express support or opposition to the rights of the LGBTI+ community. By participating, you are invited to contemplate the impact of your choices, reflecting on the significance of solidarity and understanding in our society.


Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and engagement with this artwork.


Warm regards,

Arjan Spannenburg

SANCTIONED explained


SANCTIONED is not merely a photograph; it is a powerful narrative captured in black and white. The image portrays two gay fathers, their faces etched with determination, clinging to each other amidst a tumultuous sea of grasping hands. These hands, symbolic of both governmental and societal pressures, seek to tear apart the bonds of love. Yet, amidst this struggle, their two children stand, innocent yet aware, bearing witness to the strength of their family's unity. Their unwavering gaze challenges us, urging us to confront the intricate complexities of human relationships and the extraordinary courage it takes to preserve love in the face of adversity.

So, why is it important to interact with this artwork? SANCTIONED is a mirror reflecting the resilience of the human spirit. By engaging with this piece, you step into the shoes of those who face societal sanctions and prejudices, encouraging a profound empathetic connection. As you delve into the layers of this artwork, you not only witness the struggle but also the unyielding determination to embrace love in all its forms.

Art, at its core, is a dialogue—a conversation between the artist and the observer. SANCTIONED invites you to be an active participant in this dialogue. By scanning the QR code and immersing yourself in the artwork, you became part of a global conversation about acceptance, equality, and understanding. Your interaction transforms you from a mere spectator into an empathetic advocate, promoting inclusivity and breaking down the barriers that divide us or you choose to do the opposite.

In a world often marred by prejudice, SANCTIONED serves as a beacon of hope. It challenges us to confront our beliefs, biases, and preconceived notions, fostering a society where love knows no boundaries. As you explore this digital masterpiece, let its message resonate within you. Let it inspire you to be an agent of change, promoting acceptance and compassion in your own community.

Through this interactive experience, we hope to spark meaningful conversations and promote a world where acceptance reigns supreme. Thank you for joining us on this journey of embracing humanity through the profound language of art.