Photography and the Army come together in Suriname

News from Suriname: 

As a versatile artist and photographer, I had the privilege of travelling to Suriname three times in 2023, thanks to my work at the Dutch Defence Health Care Organisation. These unique experiences in a country rich in culture and nature, not only enriched me professionally, but also broadened my artistic horizons.

Suriname through the Lens of an Artist

My stay in Suriname gave me the opportunity to capture its vibrant culture and breathtaking nature. The black-and-white photographs I took in Paramaribo offer a timeless view of this historic city. These images show the versatility and beauty of Suriname, a country with a rich history and a promising future.

Kunstenaar Arjan Spannenburg in Paramaribo en Langatabiki, Suriname voor de operatie GRAN MATIE en daarnaast natuurlijk een beetje fotografie.

Operation GRAN MATIE 2023

A highlight of my travels was my involvement in Operation GRAN MATIE 2023. This operation, a collaboration between the Suriname National Army and Dutch defence forces, illustrates the power of international cooperation. My role as a photographer and documentary filmmaker allowed me to capture unique stories and perspectives, both from my colleagues and the local population. This representation offers a deeper insight into the challenges and successes of this operation.

A Gallery of Impressions

Browse the online gallery below for a selection of my photographs from Suriname. The photographs show my impressions of my days off in Paramaribo, Suriname. Unfortunately I can't show you the amazing images of operation GRAN MATIE.