Unique Collaboration with MR. Riegillio: A Joyful Expression of Pride

In 2023, I had the privilege of being part of several special projects and collaborations, but 1 project stood out head and shoulders above the rest: the collaboration with iconic fetish fashion brand, MR. Riegillio. This remarkable project was aimed at celebrating Pride and eventually resulted in impressive prints that could be seen in various places during Pride in Amsterdam.


The concept of the campaign was inspired by a signature style of Modern Family posters. My task was to create a series of portraits of a diverse group of representatives from the LGBT+ community. The aim was not only to capture individual portraits, but also to convey a powerful message of inclusivity and pride.


The result was breathtaking: more than 30 unique and hilarious portraits that reflected the diversity and vibrancy of the LGBT+ community. Each portrait told its own story, but the true magical moment only emerged when the images were juxtaposed and intermingled.

When viewing the individual portraits, you see a nice image, but the real power comes out when you see them together. The large prints, where the individual images seem to be in "conversation" with each other, create a dynamic whole that mesmerises the viewer. It is as if the portraits are having a lively conversation together, with diversity and pride playing the leading role.


This unique collaboration with MR. Riegillio not only resulted in beautiful artworks, but also left a lasting impression. The prints on display during Pride Amsterdam act as a colourful and festive display of pride, inviting passers-by to stop and enjoy the rich diversity of people and stories.

Check out the enchanting portraits below and get carried away by the joyous celebration of diversity and pride.



Are you curious about the brand now? Then check out their website!