You know how sometimes in life things seem like they are going perfect, but you feel they are not? Like in this photo, the guy appears to hold the door and balance the guy sitting on it, pretty impressive.


When we look longer at the photo, we that the guy sitting under the door is sitting in it's center. At the same time someone is sitting on top of the door, at one side.


Everybody knows it is impossible for the first person to actually hold on to the door in that position....or at least not for a long time.

We might also not realise directly that the person holding the door, is the same person who is sitting on it. The door in this photo is symbolic to go from one place to another, or from one phase to the next. And while we know we often hold on to ourselves in life, not showing how much effort we sometimes put in to things, sometimes we loose grip.

I came up with this photo because people where watching only the succes of things that I achieved. But it seemed like they couldn't see how hard my struggle was to keep myself in balance. They missed out on how I felt, being locked up in a dark place, struggling to prevent myself from falling over. I felt completely unbalanced, yet nobody knew...

- Arjan Spannenburg -